Cross Academy. A place where vampires and humans alike attend the same school seperated into two classes. The night class and the day class. The night class has a secret. A secret the day class must never find out.
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PostSubject: MUST READ!!   MUST READ!! I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 08, 2009 5:06 pm

Okay, considering the fact that I've seen way too many one line posts, I'm putting a posting limit on the forums. At least two paragraphs should be posted. [Two sets of five or more sentences each.] You can have two or more paragraphs, but your minimum is two.

Also, only posting to a certain character is strickly forbidden now. If you want to RP with them, take it to IM, PM or something. The forums and all of it's threads are OPEN TO EVERYONE. So, I'll be removing the tags within a title. Also, excessive posting of pictures and videos within a post is now at a minimum. You are now allowed one picture and one video.

Questions? Comments?
Please PM Kaname Kuran or Aidou.
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