Cross Academy. A place where vampires and humans alike attend the same school seperated into two classes. The night class and the day class. The night class has a secret. A secret the day class must never find out.
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 Elijah Enidam

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PostSubject: Elijah Enidam   Elijah Enidam I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 16, 2012 8:15 pm

Elijah Enidam Anime_boys

Name: Elijah Enidam
Race: Human
Age: 18
Birthday: June 3
Blood Type:
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 200 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Siblings: Elisha
Father: Sven Enidam
Mother: Luna Enidam
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Role: Dominant
Work: Cook
Hobbies: Sparring with his brother, Reading, Writing.
Addictions: Coffee, Grapes, and Fried rice.
Favorite Food: Grapes
Favorite Color: Red
Personality: Elijah is a very active and social individual that thrives in groups of people; in the time between school and work he's often hanging about with his brother Elisha around the school grounds. When the two are together they often roam about the campus doing fairly strange things. One of their most popular gags plays upon many of the schoolgirl's infatuation with the night class and they act as if they're going in for a kiss. This form of 'gay chicken' is used in the place of a coin flip and whoever backs out first is the loser. Despite the lack of any form attraction between the two brothers, they continue to play no matter where they are or what they're doing.
Watching his brother slowly slip into level E.
Feeding Elisha too much.


Their mother could recall the time that the twins were born perfectly. She told them about how as Elijah was push from her womb, he held a tight grip on his brothers hand as if he didn't want to leave Elisha behind. It was then that she knew that the two would be inseparable through think and thin.

The two brothers looked almost exactly alike despite the fact that Elijah was the stronger of the two and just like Luna predicted, they were inseparable. No matter what the situation or circumstance, they were always together and they even went so far as to choose the same exact classes in their first years of high school. However it was this same mutual need that drove a wedge in their relationship...

On the way home from their classes they were ambushed by a group of students that wanted revenge for a fight they lost earlier in the day. The thugs knew that the brothers wouldn't be able to fight alone so they separated them and had their way. Elijah had no real problem dispatching his half of the attackers, but his brother wasn't so lucky. Elisha became so used to his brother aiding him that he could barely operate alone and because of that he was beaten within an inch of his life. Elijah tried his best to fix him up, but it was no use. He was too banged up to be any real help to Elisha, so he did his best to make him comfortable. Just as he was about to pass on, a mysterious figure shoved him aside and swept his brother away. Before Elijah could protest, the figure told him that his brother would be just fine.

Elijah didn't know too much about the figure, but he had a feeling that something would be different about Elisha the next time they were to meet...

He was right
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Elijah Enidam
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