Cross Academy. A place where vampires and humans alike attend the same school seperated into two classes. The night class and the day class. The night class has a secret. A secret the day class must never find out.
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 Demetrios Salazar

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Demetrios Salazar  <a href=Demetrios Salazar  Scar-hottnesse" />

Name: Demetrios Salazar
Race: Abchanchu

'A new fearless attitude had possessed the world, brave and Godless. I began to wonder if it was not time to resurrect. But the thing that eventually brought me back -- the decisive thing really -- came like a bolt out of the blue.'

Slender hands with long, painted nails, Gothic rings, and a half-pound of silver bracelets play their instruments. Long hair, body piercings, Celtic tattoos, and brightly- colored nylons show a lot of pale, smooth flesh. In the confusion of glimpses, it's hard to tell who's a boy or girl, but they're all young and beautiful. Breaking in on the CACOPHONY of MUSIC COMES ONE GUITAR CLOSER and LOUDER than the rest.

A SCRAPING ROAR, like a bandsaw being twisted into the most gorgeous, powerful chords, almost religious in its emotion.

'A music so sublime, so deeply vampiric, I had no doubt it could be heard in Had no  choice... it summoned me.'

An ULTRA-FAST TECHNO BEAT BEGINS and the FULL-SOUND of a BAND RUSHES in, creating a sense of vertigo with in energy.

The BAND'S sounds ECHO about the stone chamber, thrumming a deep, life-giving pulse. Suddenly, the LID of a SARCOPHAGUS SCRAPES and slides to one side.

He re-emerges from the tomb, his cape now in tatters -- posture bent. He creeps across the cemetery in unnatural, staccato movements as if hindered by the physics of distance and time. All the while the SONG plays, drawing the figure toward it.

He  moves through the shadows avoiding the spill of yellow light from the street lamps. Stopping in a darkened alleyway, he gasps for air, exhausted by his movements. He listens again to the mesmeric TUNE of the band in the distance, when -- From down the alley, a voice...

"Need a fix?" A man asked.
close on he's eyes staring hungrily at...

Another MAN proffering a little parcel wrapped in foil.

Pulling deeper into the shadows, the caped Figure beckons the dealer over. The man approaches when  With a wild animal cry, the Figure lunges like a phantom -- A flash of teeth  The Dealer is on the ground  the Figure set upon him. OVER this scene the BAND'S SONG RUSHES IN LOUD again,reaching an incredible CRESCENDO as the violent frenzy continues -- the monster gnawing at the Dealer'sneck. Its vein refilling with the flow of warm blood -- skin regaining a youthful tautness. Rising from his victim we see for the first time the revitalized face of this creature, a mane of blond hair frames the beautiful features of the VAMPIRE DEMETRIO his bulbous lips glistening red.
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Demetrios Salazar
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